Paris Fall 2010: Miu Miu

After spring's epic show, I couldn't wait to see what Miuccia would want me to obsess over this time around. I wasn't expecting a print festival, of course, but then again, can you ever really expect anything where Ms. Prada is concerned? (The answer is no). It was a paired down minimal vibe, like we've been seeing elsewhere this season, but it wasn't completely devoid of decoration or the ineffable Miu Miu vibe that's equal parts youth, playfulness and sexy. The opening look was a short black coat, all rounded shapes, with bedazzled flower appliques at the hem. The flowers would normally make me think twice about digging such a garment, but I think the rest of the coat is classic enough that it can sustain the girly touch.

This super short, drop-waist silhouette hasn't really made appearances anywhere else this season, and it definitely skews a bit younger than usual. The exaggerated ruffles and the flowers create a hyper-femininity that's only augmented by the bow at the neck, and yet I think that women of all ages can pull this off.

The super short "skirt" with leggings is totally awesome, and although I hate turtlenecks usually, the whole thing works here and hints at the whole 90's mood sweeping over the fall runways.

Deep square necklines are unusual and will therefore seem avant-garde rather than show-offy.

Yay! The solo-collar makes an appearance next season as well! The details on the skirts are so blown out of proportion that they are ridiculous and therefore awesome.

PARTYTIME with purple lace, jewels and big patch pockets. This one has a weirdo 80's Prince chick/Barbie/superhero vibe with all the different textures and mirror details.

The black jeweled pieces at the end are probably some of the most commercial pieces in the collection and with good measure. They are flawlessly executed and devoid of the super "on-trend" details that make some of the other looks a little kooky, which is not to rain on the parade of either style. The tunic can really be worn a myriad of ways and go from day to night and the coat, well, it's just absolutely fantastic.


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mew mew was giving me a luella vibe this season ngl