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Electrelane : Birds

Electrelane's first album The Power Out was another one of my college staples. It was moody and kinda girly but not saccharine sweet. I can't really listen to them anymore because the wave of nostalgia that washes over me is kind of too great for me to be able to handle. This year I would like to reclaim songs, bands and records lost to breakups. I thought this would be a good place to start but as soon as I heard this song I kinda teared up a bit. Anyways, it's a really beautiful song and the whole record is really ACES, so enjoy it and get out if you can because it is a BEAUTIFUL DAY!


Amanda said...

i'm totally putting this album on at my friend's clothing swap today... enjoy the weather!

Michelle <3 said...

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dani d. said...

i feel that same "wave of nostalgia" with their next album, "No Shouts No Calls" (except re: summer bw freshmen/sophomore yr of college) but I've never really heard much of this one!


ps. i hate that a stupid boy can ruin one of my favourite albums/songs! who gave you the right?!

Anonymous said...

mmmm love, glad you posted otherwise i would never have know it! your blog is rad :)

xx come visit!

Tiffany and Christina said...

Totally one of my favorite Electrelane songs.