Almost-Sunday Jam: Vaginal Creme Davis

Le Tigre : Hot Topic

The original "herstory" by always epic Le Tigre.

ps. Vaginal Creme Davis is a brilliant name.

ALSO: This girl painted portraits of all the people mentioned in the song! It's pretty rad, you should definitely check it out.


Isabel said...

I have always loved Le Tigre, but I never really got the point of this song until recently. Now I celebrate it!

cake. said...

this song will never not get me so pumped on being a grrrl.

Steve said...

Woah, neat song. I was listening sort of half-listening and then I thought... did they just say Spivak?!?! Amazing!

Those paintings are really cool too, they reminds me of another Canadian artist, Karen Miranda Augustine. She has a series of paintings called 'American Empress', and yeah, awesome: http://karenmirandaaugustine.com/artwork.html

Kirsten McCrea said...

Awesome! I'm the one who painted the series. Thanks so, so much for the link. I'm in the process of building a better Hot Topic web page so that the amazingness of all these people can be a little better appreciated.

Your site is great!

laia. said...

thanks for stopping by Kirsten, your illustrations are superb!