Revisiting Prada Spring 2010

I may have said some harsh things about Prada's spring collection last October but I'm kind of really into certain elements of the collection? For starters, I am majorly in love with ALL the photoprints on the fabrics. HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THESE BACK THEN? The silhouettes in general are still totes lame, BUT I think if I gave Christopher Kane a pass with his atomic bomb resort collection, I can certainly do it here.

And while I still hate the plastic pointy pumps, the dangle shoes have really found their way to my heart, especially after seeing Anna Trevelyan rock hers with little white socks.

I prefer the ones with the turquoise heel myself.

Oh, and here's the picture that really forced me to admit I was wrong. Karlie Kloss wearing the same look I hated on Shu-Pei on the runway, and looking insanely perfect in it.

I want to live like this everyday.

Shot by Alastair McLellan for Vogue UK.

I must be going crazy!


Amanda said...

yeah that beach print skirt is a win..i don't care what anyone says

xoLauraox09 said...

Omg! LOVE the prints and adore the shoes! But I wouldn't wear the shoes.


Cherie said...

Karlie just looks amazing in everything. I kind of makes me insanely jealous. And I love the dangle shoes, especially the pic I have on my sidebar with the beach.

Poli said...

it's in my top three among Spring collections.. these prints are just incredible!

hazel said...

my mother is obsessed with the green glasses from this collection. she actually ripped an ad out of a magazine with them in it and asked me to help her find a cheaper version.

the prints were super nice in this collection, but because of the print i only like it on a few pieces (the jackets, mainly) but i really dug the entire look (ponytails, lipstick, glasses, shoes, outfit)

Yin-lai said...

You know what they say... errar es humano, rectificar de sabios ;)

cake. said...

i really loved this collection and i'm glad it's finally getting some bloggy love! i actually just posted an amazing editorial shot of one of the beach dresses. i mean, how could you not want to be this???

louise or valentine said...

you know, the more i look at the prada collection, the more and more and more i want it and it beings to grow on me.
but i have a theory that miuccia prada is god, so whatever that would totally work in supporting it.

laia. said...

yin-lai: haha SIII!

Becca Jane said...

I loved this collection = perfect.

I am with you on the turquoise heel.

Becky said...

I totally agree; these prints are awesome. However, I actually think they work really well with these silhouettes, which without the prints, I can see why you would think they are totally boring.
I normally wouldn't think about wearing these prints, but the boring shape keeps it more wearable for me.
Also, I think Karlie is looking totally rexi in those shorts, and liked the way they looked on the runway better!
OMG is living in Philadelphia for too long making me fashionably boring? maybe
<3 <3 <3

ólöf said...

oh I love the ones with turkis heel

hannah zbitnew jagger said...

i love those prints! so brills...although the cuts are boring without the prints, i agree..