Sassy Break

A bajillion kudos to Jaime-Sin for unearthing these pictures of a young Lauren Santo Domingo in Sassy magazine. They are so awesomely 90's which of course means they're awesomely NOW. In the first spread she wears a graphic print body con dress with CLOGS and then some weirdo asymmetrical jersey dress (himinimalism!) with CRAZY alternative white moto platform boots. Seriously NEXT level!
(see also center part hair with lighter chunks in the front!!!!!!)

The BEST look in the spread, though, is DEFINITELY the maxi striped dress worn with white docs. I'd like Alexander Wang to maybe use some of these as inspiration for the next season of T.
Totes genius, right?


Amanda said...

the second look- gimme gimme gimme!!!!!

laia. said...

dude, you were honestly the first person I thought of when I saw the boots!

Lucy said...

The stripey dress!! AHHHH I need it.

marr said...

loved them all!
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joy said...

It is a toss up between the blue dress and the striped dress.


Commercial Lawyers Gold Coast said...

I like the second one Lol amazingly match with boots..:p

Eline said...

Ack! I LOVE this. And agreed, the maxi dress look it best. Docs are going to be more en vogue now than ever (or you know a long while) right? I should really once and for all find some.

cat said...

cool stuff! xx cat
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