Sunday Jam: I heard a rumor

Bear in Heaven : You Do You

We had been listening to Bear in Heaven quite a bit at work so when they played at the Music Hall of Williamsburg a few weeks ago, I figured why not? and checked them out live. It was AWESOME. They are a bajillion times more epic and intense live, their drummer is seriously out of control. Since then, they've been on heavy rotation on my ipod as well. I think this is my favorite song off the record? Especially because I just looked up the lyrics and found out they say "So what? Who cares?" in the last verse? I MEAN HELLO! In any case, you should definitely give them a listen because they are rad.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


jack bespoke said...

wow. love the song, and love that image, hah wish i went that night!


Maia said...

Pitchfork is amazing for finding new music. check em out? check my blog out? ermkeurys

michelle said...

great song! I downloaded their album immediately, it's really awesome! sooo glad I discovered them :)

Maura said...

Those guys are awesome and for not just their musical chops.

no lost witches said...

yes bear in heaven are out of control... actually friends of mine!! they just shot a music video a couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled. i love seeing them get such a positive response.