Sunday Jam: Loving is coming our way

Interpol : Obstacle 2

I dug out "Turn On the Bright Lights" a few weeks ago and have really been enjoying it. While it's true that their later efforts were unfortunate (I mean, "There's no I in Threesome"? Seriously?), their first record is fucking SOLID and I will stand by my decision against any and all "hipster deriders". I think this song has always been my favorite on this record and only recently I finally realized which Obstacle it was.

Also, "If you can fix me up girl, we'll go a long way" KILLS me every.time.


louise or valentine said...

hey laia,
i found your blog via tavi's. anywho, i'm the girl that photographed you for refinery 29 like a month ago.
check out my blog if you want!


Maia said...

i fell asleap to this song and then my phone buzzed. blech. i love this song. i also live in new york (manhattan) and you are quite the cool kid, unlike me! mehehrers.

Lily said...

Love this album!! "Untitled" is my favorite!

Damsels said...

yea they were incredible back then ... i love obstacle 2