This one is about shoes

Remember the awesome shoes from Band of Outsiders' fall 2009 collection?

Aldo does too.

I mean, they're nowhere near as cool as the original ones but with a little creativity, like maybe paint the heels black and add extra-long shoe laces that can tie around your ankles a few times. They could really be something special.

I mostly still want the original ones.


milana said...

the shoes are to die for *.*
and i liked the outfits too

nice blog!

Cherie said...

....... I want them.

Bealerr said...

The shoes are amazing, but i want the shorts from the first picture even more!
Love your blog :)
and your cat...


HAL said...

still like the band of outsiders ones better, but these are pretty sick.


Inspiration exists said...

great shoes! and really nice blog.


Anonymous said...

have you seen this at office in UK


don't know if they ship to US though!

Glowing Doll said...

I keep seeing these everywhere I go. I think people are hooked on the minty green laces.

I would definitely paint the heels though.