The Met Ball 2010 Roundup

Oh hey! It's everyone's favorite red carpet event, the Met Ball!
The clothes were not as crazy as in years prior, which was a bummer but also a good thing because there weren't as many fashion DISASTERS!

1 Cover your arms child, you walk like a peasant
Listen dudes, we are in the midst of a fashion cataclysm. We're all going back to a classic, ladylike aesthetic that SHUNS exhibitionism and embraces the secret seduction. This was super evident last night, with everyone rocking dresses with long sleeves. (I confess that all I kept thinking about while looking through the pictures was Plum Sykes' article in October 2008's issue of Vogue about the ORDEAL she went through trying to find a dress with long sleeves, I guess not anymore? MWAHAHA!). Lauren Santo Domingo looked almost otherworldly in a beautiful, simple sparkly nude sheath by Proenza Schouler.

Zoe Saldaña's Calvin Klein gown only had one long sleeve, true, but it's still very much part of the "new classics".
I almost DIED when I saw the back of the dress. It really does suit her perfectly, she is a stunning.

Diane Kruger also covered up in Calvin Klein. White, clean and perfect.

Lindsey Vonn's purple Tory Burch number was right on point too, although I would've liked to see a more contrasting belt.

Jessica Stam covered up her arms, but showed off a bit of decolletage in her Rachel Roy number. The soft waves in her hair and oversized gold jewelry made this the perfect boho-minimalist look (yes, it's a thing).

Chloe Sevigny's turquoise lace Proenza Schouler dress is probably the dress I would most like to own myself, and I generally hate turtlenecks. The long sleeves with scalloped edges are proof of Jack and Lazaro's wonderful attention to detail. They definitely had the best dressed girls of the night!

MIA's Alexander Wang dress was right on the edge of beautiful and crazy and I must say it's the EXACT kind of dress that she should be wearing at an event like this. KUDOS.

2 Go ahead and jump(suit)!

While I'm not a real fan of miss Chanel Iman, I have to say that she looked radiant and cool in her gold Michael Kors jumpsuit.

Tina Fey was also rocking a jumpsuit and I'm sure she's gonna get grilled for it (hatasgonhate so whatevz), but her Yves Saint Laurent moment is exactly what the Met is all about: having fun and wearing unexpected things. I love her hair this time around but wish her eye-makeup wasn't so teenage-girl-trying-the-goth-look-for-the-first-time.

3 Is she boho on the inside?
Karolina Kurkova in spring Altuzarra is so much fun! I kinda hate the yellow satin pumps but I think that it actually makes me like the whole thing more?

I don't even know what is happening with Margherita Missoni's Missoni look, but it is BANANAS and I love it!
(Ok, it's a Long eyelet lace skirt, weirdo shield top and a headbanddddd!!! whaaa?)

Jamie Bochert is the perfect luxe hippie in Marc Jacobs.

Kirsten Dunst could've looked like a runaway bride in this Rodarte look. I can best describe it as Bizarro-Lydia Deetz, you know, exactly the same but backwards. It's the perfect mix of Stevie Nicks and 80's new romantics.

Iman is a GODDESS in Prada.
(what else?)

4 Nice try, but it's not me!
Carey Mulligan started with the right idea, the purple Miu Miu dress is cute and rad, but then what happened at the legs? Black tights? Black peeptoe sandals? BO-RING!
Wear the crazy Miu Miu spat things! Wear more Meow Miu! Wear a Rochas bell heel! Maybe put on a chunky Prada sock! I mean, come on!

Everything about this is wrong, but it's not really Kristen Stewart's fault. Or even the fault of her Chanel dress; it's just that the two don't go together!

Yowza, Elizabeth Banks in lace-overkill Gucci.
(also, last night everyone on twitter was all YOU LOOK LIKE TAYLOR MOMSEN which is like SALT ON THE WOUND!)

Pictures via style.com, nymag and life.


blukats said...

Very classic looks that kill! Definitely good to see.

That Rodarte dress is balanced just right. What a great design to keep it from either overkill with the lace or looking too prom or bridemaidish.

Yes Ms. Mulligan could have really stepped it up with the shoes. And I'm weird but I think it would have been fun to see gladiator sandals on Karolina Kurkova. Or something with wraps at the ankle.

Tina Fey, did she put her make-up on in the dark? Just not good.

Thanks for sharing these photos, nice to see something different than a lot of the blogs right now.

gih said...

They are all gorgeous. Very nice outfit / gown they have. Love it.

meagan said...

diane kruger looks so lovely in white. it's a great color for her.

also, jamie bochert lookS BEAUTIFUL here. that dress is stunning and the colors work with her skin tone perfectly. my favorite of the night.


Taj said...

I almost choked when I saw KDunst!!!<3 her!

Cherie said...

Ahhh I love that Rodarte line. Actually, I usually love Rodarte in general. Very lacy and romatic and also slightly creepy ghost mummy.

and about Carey- you are so right. I LOVE that dress, just the whole black-on-the-bottom thing is blah.

Isabel said...

The Taylor Momsen comparison is uncanny.

Anonymous said...

the marc jacobs "hippie" dress is beautiful just like jessica stam (great transition right?) though her dress is a bit too "décolleté". i don't really like the first dress though, it's a weird nude color that makes lauren look plastic and shiny. the jumpsuits and zoe's dress were probably my favorite outfits!

great post!

please check out my blog!

OLT said...

Hey, I think Jamie Bochert is in Rodarte too? Or am I just wishing everyone was wearing Rodarte...

HAL said...

Chloe in Proenza wins, as always.


The Poptart Bandit said...

Jessica Stam looks like a goddess in that Rachel Roy... I love the Marc Jacobs dress too.

Lovely =]

Anonymous said...

I love that you talked about celebrities that most other sites didn't even mention. Very cool :) I didn't even know that Stamy Stam had attended the Met :P I liked Kristens' dress, but like you said, just not on her. haha Love the post :)

The Misunderstood said...

Zoe Saldaña looks amazing, even better from the back.

alex said...

M.I.A., Coco Rochas and The Sev win hands dooowwwn.