Out of the races and into the trench!

I did a little something for thePOP's Art of the Trench project with Burberry. My boyfriend Nick took the pictures. We always fight whenever he plays photographer which is kind of hilarious? Anyways, you can see the rest of the images over at POP of the Trench.

And then I also made this gif.
F U N !

Thanks muchly to Hannah and everyone at POP and Burberry!


Amanda said...

fiiiiiiiiiierrrrrceeee. love u!

HAL said...

Fun!!! I love it.


joy said...

Pretty cool gif!

Anonymous said...

Love love your hair so much. Those trenches are adorable.
Love Poppy


andrea said...

Dude, my mans and I have little squabbles when he takes the pics too...whyyyy?!