If you should find yourself by a magazine stand anytime soon, you should definitely pick up the new issue of Paper Magazine with Sarah Silverman on the cover because I'm in it!


I'm in there in this super rad editorial with a bunch of bloggers, designers, artists that all rely heavily on the internet for work, life, breathing.... ok maybz not that far, but you get the gist. I thought it was a super rad idea and the concept for the shoot itself was very... honest?, which is awesome of course.

But the MIU MIU? I really cannot believe such a thing happened, first an email from awesome stylist Martha Violante, then a couple days later I'm in a studio and we are going through a rack chock-full of Proenza Schouler and Lanvin and Prada trying to decide what I should wear. First I tried on this Miu Miu dress layered over one of the Proenza Schouler tie-dyed shirts and worn with crazy socks and these Nicholas Kirkwood oxfords I blogged about a few weeks ago. It was awesome, but there was still the case of the amazing long sleeve sheer skirt bejeweled dress with a naked lady collar. As soon as I put it on, I felt like a princess, and to take care of the "sheer" part, we put some Marc Jacobs lingerie running shorts under it. They were actually really, really amazing. I ended up wearing Marc Jacobs shoes as well, these amazing flip-flop/ballet flat-with-wings contraption that I totally fell in love with and crazy flower print socks. Martha loaded me up in bling, with a ton of awesome rings and necklaces and then I sat down on a couch and updated my twitter a bunch. PRETTY AMAZE. I am super-duper psyched at the way this came out, the whole thing is just so ME, I mean, I'm sitting on a couch on the computer drinking coffee! That's pretty much all I do at home!! hahahaha

There is also another lil' pic in the table of contents.
(I was definitely using the phone irl guyzzz)

I ran into Zana at the studio. She looks amaze in the photo but lemme tell yas, in real life, she was a fucking VISION (in Margiela, of course)!

Thank you Martha and Mickey and everyone at PAPER!

Ps. Zana also has really nice scans of the entire editorial. You should check all them cool kids out!
Pps. That is not my real computer. My real computer is a 12" POWERBOOK from like, 2003 and in computer years that's basically ANCIENT! The cd drive doesn't work, the battery is shot to shit and if the computer is unplugged it dies automatically. I can't watch Hulu on it because the new Flash is too advanced for it and on top of everything else Google is phasing out Google docs on computers that old, or something like that. I get by borrowing my boyfriend's computer, but it's just not the same you know? I don't even know. Basically, it's pathetic. So if Steve Jobs or anyone at Apple wants to SPONSOR the blogger with a new computer, that would be totes AWESOME. hit me up kids. <3


Uvita V. de las Tinieblas said...

OMG sooo awesome!!!!

Kazuko said...

congrats! wish i could read it. don't know if they have it here.

The Early Hour said...

wow that's amazing! Congratulations!


Rollergirl said...

Cool, congrats!

hazel said...

oh my god you look so adorable i love your hair! this whole editorial is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love your hair! It's so... curly. Also the outfit is fanTASTIC, I would be afraid to pick my own just in case it looked terrible (which yours most certainly DOESN'T)!

katthroatworld said...

congrats! and that miu miu.. omg.

Six Six Sick said...

Saw this in Paper and nearly died, you definitely are working one of the best looks (along with Zana and Ms. Ladyfag, natch)!!!


Becca Jane said...

Congrats - this is so great! And in Miu Miu! You lucky thing!

laia. said...

thanks dudes! <3

ilovecoolthings said...

that's so fun!!! Congrats lady.

Tebonin said...

wow, look at that, very creative and inspiring, I wish I could design something like that

Carpe Diem Construction Co. said...

i love love that your little silver powerbook is still the proverbial treasure trove and soapbox from which your awesomeness gleans.



cake. said...

congrats! and this

"and then I sat down on a couch and updated my twitter a bunch."

is so cute. i feel like it's the only way i'd be comfortable getting my picture taken.

white lightning said...