Sunday Jam: For your Ma'

It's Mother's day, say hi to your mother for me.
my lil bro' Pedrito, Mami and me in a fried food stand in PR last January

The song today is obvz dedicated to my mom.

No Doubt : Sixteen

No Doubt was one of the bands I managed to get my mom into when I was in high school. We would drive around everywhere blasting Tragic Kingdom and singing along. Whenever Sixteen came on she would always blast it extra loud and yell with the intro to the song, then she would say "that was awesome, let's listen to it again", and so we'd listen to the intro a few times before we let the song run through. Driving around, blasting music and singing along is definitely one of my favorite memories with my mom and that's only a random little reason why I love her so much. SO yea, HOORAY MOMS!

I've posted this photo before but this is still my favorite picture with my mom of all time. This was taken at her wedding a couple years ago.



KD said...

Ahhh, so cute! Awesome song too. :-)

awesome andrea said...

thats so funny because one of my favorite memories of your mom was driving in PR blasting madonna songs and all of us were screaming the lyrics...it makes me smile to think about! tell her i said happy mothers day!!! <3

Damsels said...

thats my favorite no doubt album .

HAL said...

aww i remember that song <3


Fit For A Femme said...

This is so tender. The petite and I do the same thing!