Sunday Jam: Know that it doesn't hurt me

Kate Bush : Running Up That Hill

I wouldn't call myself a Kate Bush fan necessarily, but I LOVE this song. Yes, the song makes sense to me (at some point in the past, in my head and to my life and whatnot) BUT I think what really gets me is the super rad galloping-sort of drumming.

Her dancing in this video is obvz next level.


Amanda said...

oh yeah this song kills... love the chromatics version too

Eline said...

Have your seen Sat On Your Lap yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHMBvP0LKwI

The utter randomosity and craziness is one of the best things ever. But I also think Kate Bush is God.

Casual Jackets said...

Great video!

andrea said...

Such a gem. One of my faves!

J.See said...

Her videos are the best! Even if you aren't a huge fan, you should totally check out the Army Dreamers video. She is just so...DRAMATIC.