Sunday Jam: Paris or maybe hell

David Bowie : Aladdin Sane

My roommate freshman year of college was obsessed with David Bowie and this record quickly became a fixture at our room. I know that David Bowie is big and all, but I always think that he should be BIGGER? I mean, this record is SO SO good! Aladdin Sane is my favorite song as well, it's just so sexy at the beginning and then it gets crazy and fun at the end. I hadn't heard this in godknowshowlong and MAN it brings some awesome memories.

Who asked for my life story?


Lauren Goddard said...

The piano on this track is SO insane, I could listen to it repeatedly forever.

x x x

HAL said...

god i love david bowie ... the first album especially. i even love his later shit. he's such an icon.


Gant Coat said...

Great song, great video. Can't beat a bit of Bowie

Kristine said...

I love David Bowie, he has made so many amazing songs!!

Maia said...

david bowie SHOULD be bigger. you are so right. then again, he can never be too big xx

Plantress said...

well I love David Bowie so bring it on

M said...

Love Love Love David Bowie, he is so under-appreciated.
<3 <3 <3

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