70s & 90s

LOVING these portraits of CFDA Womenswear nominees Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang.

The army of Marc girls in kinda-70s coats is still everything I know and love about the brand, and the Marc masks are totally genius?
(sidenote: who wants to go as a gaggle of sassy Marc girls for halloween? LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!)

This is so perfectly 90's, all soft sweaters and natural makeup. So so good.


alexandra said...

wow, each shot's theme/aesthetic is so quintessentially appropriate for the designers as individuals


Becky said...

I think I've seen that concept with the masks before...it was with the model, Twiggy. I'm going to scan the original from a vintage magazine on my blog now, as I was looking for some blog fodder

Ross said...

I like how Marc isn't actually IN his portrait, and that it's all female models and then at the back left is some random male model. I dunno it's just a funny picture. Funny in the odd/good way, not LOL funny.

hopefulheart said...

i love love the wang photo, he fits in yet stands out so much. great jumpers too :)



Alika said...

i read that all the girls with a.wang are his best friends from high school.
i just think that makes the picture that much more special.
so awesome.