Resort 2011: Balenciaga

We are living in quite an exciting time. Don't you feel like there's this total conscious change in the way we view everyday things? I haven't really been 100% into the last few Balenciaga collections, but this. THIS is something else! It's an exploration of a whole new territory for Nicolas Ghesquiere and it has an element of excitement the way his collections in the early 2000s did.
But enough chit-chat. LET'S GET TO THE CLOTHES!

Already I am digging so many different things with this look. Its retro-futurist vibe reigns number one of course, as that is my weak point. I love the 60's silhouette, the colorblocking and the pop of colors in accessories and makeup. And can we talk about that bag? it looks AMAZING! Will need to hunt down close up pics asap.

A perfect slouchy suit that fits just *this* side of narrow (does that make sense? it does in my head), the rounded shoulders in the jacket are kinda playful and are the perfect compliment to the extra long straight-leg trousers.

In case you're not an ivory kind of gal, the suit is also available in a most glorious all-over floral print. You guys know I love a hot pant, and there's an even more special place in my hear for a hot pant SUIT!

The best part about the print is that it feels like if you stare at it long enough a spaceship will emerge. I have always, ALWAYS wanted to have a matching/mismatching ensemble, it's just so weirdly decadent!

And then the ALL-OUT perfect slouchy suit emerges. It's wrinkly and kinda sad-clown-y but somehow it manages to be cool? Ah Nicolas! The man works miracles!

The little hot pant suit is even better in bright lemon yellow. Photoprints (which are apparently THE trend for resort) make an appearance in a short little dress with a pocket.

What is this dress? It's kinda weird and awkward, but oh man the combination of peach and blue is irresistible. I would wear this so much it would walk out of the closet by itself in the mornings.

More prints! More prints! More prints!

Have we seen such gowns from Balenciaga before? I do not believe so.
This is the perfect combination of magical princess and Charlotte Gainsbourg (so how could it ever be wrong? haha).


Anonymous said...

ahhhhh the awkward coral + blue dress is amazing. i cant get over all these intense prints!

Kirsty said...

peach and blue is wonderful. love the hotpant suits- takes a special figure to pull them off though!

megan said...

i love everything! thanks for such a lovely post :)

Blindcopy said...

model on pic 1 looks like a futuristic cabin crew. so retro-modern. amazing collection!

nicool said...

these prints are gorgeous! i expecially love the pops of color in the chunky strapped heels. totally want to see some pics of just those....all love.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh beautiful <3

emily said...

it's so... clean!! everything is cut beautifully and pieced together SO WELL. the prints are amazing, the lace is amazing- why does balenciaga have to blow it out of the park every single time? or- am i the only one who liked those ankle boot peep toe things and striped skirts? :) EXCELLENT POST KEEP IT COMIN'

nicolette said...

you know full-well about my aversion to color, but i would literally wear every single one of these pieces.

hazel said...

i am so head over heels for this collection. the prints are definitely my favorite part, need close-up pictures (WHY DON'T DESIGNERS GIVE CLOSE-UPS, somehow it doesn't enter their brains that we want to see the materials!) of all the fabrics and that bag!

dig it all soooo much

Rrriot-face said...

What a GLORIOUS post. My body feels like it's on a coffee buzz, these pictures are so awesome.

Taryn said...

wow B-aga has impressed me again! the silhouettes and prints to these clothes are absolutely amazing.