Resort 2011: Celine

Celine changed speeds a bit for resort with a sporty, colorful collection that hit all the right spots. This is like, the classy, modern version of a tracksuit. Also, need slouchy trousers in my life asap.

Yes guys, I am totally behind the "designer sweatpant", yeah I know it sounds crazy, but LOOK AT IT! It's awesome haha. I love the idea of a casual/everyday gold metal choker.

I don't really know what it is about this but I just want to dress like this everyday.

The naughty goth nun makes another appearance!

(Note the awesome long tie on the blouse)

Black magic woman.

As always, I <3 you Phoebe Philo.


Vera Wilhelmina said...

yes. color blocks - should wear that more often.

Ross said...

I loved the Africa-lite colour blocked dresses and separates from this collection. I think Phoebe is always dead-on when it comes to simple craziness. And making reference to mid nineties goth, and Stevie Nicks helps.

Rollergirl said...

I like those briefcase-y, man-bag, clutchy bags

Anonymous said...

I love all of it. The black magic woman is my favorite tho.

ronelmarin.net said...

these are amazing

iamronel said...

such a lovely photos

hazel said...

I love "naughty goth nun"
Must say my favorite is definitely the yellow/tomato red/forest green combo. I just love those colors together. Reminds me of vegetables.