Resort 2011: The Row

I think it's kind of amazing that in my mind, The Row holds the kind of allure I felt towards labels like Comme des Garcons and Junya Watanabe in my youth: "one day I will be the kind of woman that can wear such weird clothes"; because it speaks volumes about the kind of work that Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are creating with their label. I think I've kind of conquered that part, not that my closet is full of their pieces or whatever, but throughout all the years I've certainly gotten more adventurous with the way I dress. Their kind of unabashed minimalism is intimidating in a way because it's truly about the person wearing them. There are no big details to hide behind.

And so this collection really, really appeals to my frame of mind right now. The maxi lengths and mannish shoes, button-up shirts and dresses done up all the way. It all has traces of the 90's of course, but there is something both timeless and modern about the way the put the clothes together. The blue suit feels very Jil Sander-ish, but the slouchy trousers have a separate influence that's very New York City circa now. The long black dress is another one of my favorites. Total Elaine Benes gone goth-monastic vibe hahaha.



Amanda said...

OMG the last dress. would do wear the hell out of that

Kirsty said...

i love the row, and to me it is in the same vein as comme and junya because the emphasis is not on objectifying the body and making it pleasing for the observer (ie men) but about pleasing the woman wearing these clothes. which is way sexier anyway! i flit back and forth between whether i consider mary kate and ashley style icons in themselves but i guess that's not really relevant.

joy said...

I don't like the collection but I think it is an interesting connection you made with their clothes and your wardrobe.

nicool said...

the description of that black dress is spot on. I LOVE IT. especially since all through growing up, people always told me i looked like elaine. mainly because i have a bigger nose, and black curly hair...go figure. this stuff is tops.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i love the row.
the streamlined thing is so smart cause it's easy, impossibly chic and easy to wear simply or spice up with accessories.

also-the black dress made me think of steve's recent miu miu post: http://poliopoliopolio.blogspot.com/2010/04/futureshock.html
it's very akin to that white dress just with a quirky monastic/addams family cut.