Things I obviously need in my life #40953

Epic headdresses by littledoe.
Especially ones with pearls, rare macaw feathers and taxidermy butterflies!

When did I start turning into such a hippie?


eliza said...

ooh I really like that first one. I had one just like it when I was a kid! If only I'd known what I had in my posession haha

Anonymous said...

These are soooo amazing!!!! I would feel a little weird walking around in them though.

Phillipe Lenerd said...

we all need an indian crown full of butterflies!
check out my fashion project

Plantress said...

well it's obvious to me that I need that headress in the first photo. This rivals the hat that I saw in Boston that I did not buy but still dream about. Hmmm. great for craft fairs

Miss M said...

beautiful works of art.
Miss M

Becca Jane said...

These are amazing!!!!

Cara said...