Too Hot

It is a million degrees out today. All I feel like wearing right now is this dress from Cynthia Rowley's resort collection. I would wear it every single day and then when it gets cold I'd just add some tights and socks. Perfect.

Right now though, I can't even THINK of wearing tights or socks. DEAR GOD I AM MELTING.


isabelle said...

Lady! you should totally make one yourself! the pattern is so easy and it does look uber comfortable...i might just make one myself

great blog
mlle isabelle


Isabel said...

I really wanna wear this outfit right now.

Maia said...

i cannot stand the weather in the city! this is my third day without leaving my house. lord.

Lizz said...

I loved this dress too! I'm thinking of making a similar one too. It IS RIDICULOUSLY hot.

Sophie-Nicole. said...

wow now that is a resort outfit. LOVE IT. it makes me think of a quirky candyfloss inspired outfit. i would wear this every day too!

Becca Jane said...

This dress = amazing

Anonymous said...

Love that pink dress!



Elizabeth said...

Despite heat, I attempt at wearing socks and oxfords every day. So far I've been pretty successful as well.

The dress in the post is lovely.