A very eventful Tuesday, Part 1

Yesterday afternoon I was super excited to make my way to the LeSportsac store on Greene St in Soho as they were having a little soiree to celebrate their collaboration with Pat McGrath and Cover Girl. The two little make-up cases have a nice patent finish with yellow details, and I thought it was really cute the way they tied in together with their current advertising campaign starring Drew Barrymore. The inspiration comes from the packaging for their new Lashblast Length mascara which comes in a neat little yellow tube. The mascara has a super long brush and nylon in it so it's perfect for your Teddy Ruxpin nights.

Anywho, so while waiting for THE Pat McGrath to arrive I was enjoying their sweet tunes, dangerously drinking neverending glasses of champagne and enjoying the most delicious tiny steaks and even tinier goat cheese and tomato tarts (seriously the parties here always have the best food! Last year I ate my weight in tiny delicious cupcakes). They also had a photobooth which I obviously took advantage of, because if there's one thing I love, it's a photobooth.

(Yes, I took the Photobooth picture with Photobooth because I didn't feel like plugging the scanner in haha)

I also killed some time by perusing their super cute bags. Obviously the fine folks there are totally in-tune with CATSPRING 2010! and I almost had a cute-heart attack when I saw this little number. I usually travel with a LeSportsac bag just like this, except mine has a crazy psychedelic pattern. The bags are super sturdy and you'd be surprised how much stuff you can fit into them! Anywho, if I didn't have a bag already I would've probably broken down and gotten this one. SO SO GOOD.

And then Pat arrived! You could tell because all of a sudden there was a barrage of flashes and a tiny mob formed in the middle of the store. I waited patiently until I saw a tiny window of opportunity and then went for it.

Pat was SO lovely and seemed genuinely appreciative when I expressed my love and admiration for her. I'm kind of in love with her more now, if that's even possible.

Sorry for my goofy face, but I'm obviously elated!


hazel said...

i could listen to Pat talk about make-up for hours.
CAT BAG CAT BAG i am just waiting for a cat to land on a magazine cover.

Vanessa said...

Oh you talked to Pat McGrath! She is brilliant. Her work is so creative - she really creates works of art on every face she touches. Can't believe you met her! ah!

x Vanessa

KD said...

Awww, that picture of you and Pat is so cute!