Industrie Magazine is Awesome

Finally picked up a copy of Industrie magazine at McNally Jackson. First impressions: I was pleasantly surprised at its oversized yet weirdly-slim size (tall and skinny, you don't say?). I've been dying to see what the magazine is all about ever since the cover image hit the internet a few months ago, plus with a tagline like "The World's First Culture of Fashion Magazine", I assumed that its content would be right up my alley. Thankfully the magazine delivers! The magazine features lengthy interviews with everyone from Interview's Karl Templer to Net-a-Porter's Natalie Maissenet and even ex-Conde Nast publisher Tom Florio; peppered with one-page stories like Phoebe Philo's inspiration board, a Q&A between Olivier Zahm and his galpal Caroline Gaimari and the menu at Acne Studios' cafeteria. I won't divulge all the awesomeness it contains because I do love the element of surprise when looking through a magazine, but rest assured that the publication is more than worth the $18 price tag it carries. With magazine like these, my faith is more than restored in the fact that print will never die.

With Anna Wintour on the cover, it's no surprise that the main article is entitled "When Editors Become Cover Stars", but what IS surprising is that this is an interview with none other than Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil fame. Pretty major, right?

There's also an article and accompanying editorial of Rick Owens and his workout regime. The photographs especially are absolutely fantastic.

And of course, requisite naked Lara Stone photographs.
(Though to be fair, she shares the naked spotlight with Daria Werbowy).



Anonymous said...

Damn, this looks way too good. Great to see what's inside finally! Shame I live in the UK and have no idea how to get a hold of such awesome, siiiigh.

Rollergirl said...

I loved the interviews.

Sarah, you can get it in the UK (it's a UK publication). It's all over London, have a look at the website, it will probably list other UK stockists.