Missoni puts a spell on me

As my new header can attest, I'm really into Missoni's wonderful fall collection. Now my love is taken to the next level with this super rad movie by Kenneth Anger that stars the whole Missoni clan as super fashionable coven. The movie perfectly captures the sensuous, mysterious vibes of the collection and taps into my current witchy-vibes obsession.



Isabel said...

I saw Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome a while back and it was THE WEIRDEST THING EVER. No kidding.

Jade said...

you should see lucifer rising by Kenneth Anger, it really weird/interesting to watch, all the music in its by Bobby Beausoleil from the "manson family"

Misanthropic Pulp said...


louise or valentine said...

i think missoni, in the past couple of years, has really hit its stride. first with using juergen teller, now kenneth anger, it's like they've started to become a bit more cerebral and expand their horizons, even with demographics. for a while, i felt like missoni was just into prints and really sexy dresses. maybe now that margharita is apparently taking a lot more of a role in the company, it's being to market towards a, dare i say, younger and hipper crowd? or at least a more artistic crowd. also. i love kenneth anger.
the end.

bea. said...

It's the prints that make it of course!