"Is it possible I'm not as attractive as I think I am?"

Did you guys happen to read a little article in the New York Times heralding the return of Elaine style? I mean, I have been thinking about Elaine style for a while now but it seemed like such a random half serious/half joking thing to throw into the mix and now it's R E A L!

bonus! kinda genius and kinda hilarious guest appearance by chloe sevigny.


Anonymous said...

haha :) Elaine style is great... I think it definitely has the capability to make a return! I would enjoy it.
- MAtea

Fashion Intel said...

My boyfriend always had the hots for Elaine and I'm always a sucker for a funny woman. Combine floral and I guess we have a win!

jenn. said...

elaine's been on my sidebar under 'style icon' for quite some time; i am SO INTO THIS.

Amanda said...

yeah they nailed it with this.. although i think it's more coincidental not deliberate that people are dressing similar to this. funny they reference DIS mag too!

Nicollette said...

Haha this is so true and happening

laia. said...

amanda: yeah you're totally right. no one that they picked really IS all elaine, it's all like elaine but made cute.
i'm much more in the REAL ELAINE look. awkward lengths and socks and oxfords and all.