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Do you see what's happening in this photo from Vogue China's September issue?
It's fall Dries van Noten and "vintage" Prada.
Vintage as in resort 2008, which is probz not really vintage but HEY I'm not gonna be picky about it cause that collection is probably one of my favorites in recent history.

This collection is SO now, right?

Dream Away
shot by Paolo Roversi, styled by Nicoletta Santoro.


Mary said...

the collection is so timeless - i love love love it

Anonymous said...

Yes it is in every time! because Prada's S/S 2008 in very "IN" and so you know that... you wear them shoes too! and this resort just for this time when flower prints are so chic.

Maddie said...

Could not agree more! And I definitely agree with the comment above. The whole full skirt Prada SS08 is very appropriate for right now, because its the whole "woman" trend still. I've always loved that resort collection, nice to see it pop up again.

Cara said...

So very "now" indeed!

Hal said...

I could NEVER pull off those skirts, but I appreciate their beauty nonetheless .. thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Very sophisticated and appealing. Thanks for helping us keep up!

ashford said...

prada always kills it, imho. always proves to be an influence, you know, like two years later.