Resort 2011: Christopher Kane

If : Thing I love: Space
And: Inspiration for Christopher Kane's resort collection: Space
Then: I love Christopher Kane's resort collection.
Yeah, it's that easy.

But in all seriousness, I'm really into the way Kane has been honing his epic print-skills with his resort collections (remember the atomic bombs from last year?). I'm pretty sure if I owned the skirt on the lower left I'd wear it everyday like it was jeans or something BUT my heart truly belongs to the dress at the end.

so nice I will post it twice!

1. Let it be know that although I am intrigued by the peplum leather jacket with bell sleeves, I am totally HORRIFIED by it but in kind of a good way.... kinda.
2. The tying of the shirt at the midriff would only be appropriate if it had been looped through the neck to create the perfect cropped top.
3. The zip-off detail in the skirt is very cool but unnecessary.
(It's all about the maxi lengths remember!)
4. I really hope he keeps up the prints for every resort collection hereafter so that after 10 years I can run a killer editorial packed with all his prints in some kind of epic visual storytelling implosion (hey, it could happen?)


Amanda said...

muy obsessed, VERY

jasmine said...

ahhhhh the third one makes me want to cry its so amazing, i love these!

Kirsty said...

i was hoping you'd review this collection! i just bought a cosmic print tshirt and i'm very excited.

nicool said...

dream machine. wow.

Han-omi said...

Christopher Kane print awesomeness.
sorry, I was distracted by the equally awesome shoes which I also love in a strange way

Becca Jane said...

Absolutely stunning.

bea. said...

King of prints. And I won't try and lie, I want a pair of fuzzy heels in bubblegum pink.

Anonymous said...

gorrrrgeous. the dress so nice you posted it twice is beyond perfect. shorter and i'd wear that every day.

Cara said...

Hah I agree with you about the leather jacket!
The prints is amazing. If I had one of those dresses (i can wish) I would leave the zip halfway zipped so that it would look like the dress is falling apart kinda. It sounds good in my head, k?

sarah said...

i think all APOD photos should be made into dresses.
post haste.


oh i love ck, this is awesome!
come follow me xoxo

Sarah said...

I'm weirdly repelled and drawn to that leather jacket at the same time. It's kinda like something Marie Antoinette would wear if she had a Harley.

Raspberry Jam said...

thats a really nice collection!

I like it!

Emily and Abigail said...

these prints are so interesting! I'm totally lusting this style :) great post.


La Kat said...

I am apsolutely opssesed with peplum leather jacket! Super cute but tough!
Love your blog!

La Kat


Hannah Jean said...

I'm simply in love with this collection. You have a great blog aswell! I'll be following you. x♥x♥