Sunday Jam: Can you my darling, can you picture this?

Prince : When Doves Cry

My vacation in Puerto Rico has been totally awesome. My birthday is on Thursday but since I'll be back in New York by then, my mom threw me a little karaoke birthday party last night. We sang until past midnight, and only because some lame neighbors complained about the noise (PARTYPOOPERS!). I always like to sing "When Doves Cry" solely for the little screams Prince does at the end.

It was a killer time. I love my family.

...aaaand in case you were wondering this is what it looks like when it sounds like when doves cry.


Tavi said...

Aw, this looks so fun! <3 <3 <3

Elizabeth SPiridakis said...

this is a highlight above all other highlights

Becca Jane said...

ahh I love this song.

sarah said...

hahahah I want to hang out with you

Fi Figueroa said...

wait what?! you're from puerto rico? hahaha I am as well. Can't believe it! Wow, when r u leaving? how about a blogger meetup before u leave?