Sunday Jam: From when I took the plunge!

Semisonic : Closing Time

And so it has happened that I quit my job at the store in order to focus on some of the things I had been doing in the side for some time now like writing and my freelance styling/styling assistant gigs. This is an exciting but nervewrecking time. I feel ready though! SO bring it on life!

remember how 2009 year of positivity turned into makin' it happen in 2010? well that's what I'm feeling right now!



Tavi said...


Fashion Intel said...

What's the slogan for 2011?

Isabel said...

Wheee, I am so proud of you! Things are HAPPENIN'!

Also, I love this song.

Ross said...

I haven't thought of this song in so long. Good luck.

Ivette Rossana said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!! I've heard this song a few times in the past few weeks. Alfa Rock seems to have found it and put it in regular rotation. Everytime I here it, I think of you!

la madre que te pario

Leighton (demuele)Meester said...

Haha. This was my high school graduation song. So excited for Makin' It Happen in 2010.