Twenty SIX

I miss you delicious strawberry birthday cake.

It was my 26th birthday on Thursday!
I went on epic adventures that I was so psyched about they went largely undocumented (LIVE in the MOMENT maaan). But it was definitely one of the best birthdays ever.
Man, 26. I'm such an ADULT now.

My friend Ryan left me this video on my Facebook as a birthday present. It's kinda too awesome for words so I'm sharing it with you.
(Also I'm sharing it with you so this post isn't just a "dear diary" post and there's some fashion content hahaha)

That's Elastica playing at Fashionably Loud for an Anna Sui fashion show where Debbie Harry is one of the models.


PS. I have been super scattered these past few weeks what with my friend' wedding, vacation, birthday situations and all BUT now we're all back to normal, and hopefully posting should.. you know, actually happen! <3


lpkitten said...

i vividly remember watching this live...crazy

lpkitten said...

p.s. that was back when mtv was still cool. RIP MTV.

Fashion Intel said...

Cumpleanos Feliz! Feliz Cumpleanos!

Shybiker said...

Congratulations. Every stage in life has its appeal and you seem to be savoring this one.

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday, maaann! I hope 2010 just keeps getting better and better for you!

Cara said...

Happy birthday to Laia!

laia. said...

thank you guys!

Han-omi said...

Happy birthday!
I've kind of been reading your blog but never commenting so.. yeah