Bold Strokes

Oh yeah it's time for Spring 2011 reviews! Starting off the season is my friend Caycee Black, whose spring look book I laid eyes on yesterday and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. Best known for her beautiful hand-drawn prints, which this season resulted in a wonderfully dysfunctional mix of florals and organic geometric shapes, inject an element of fun into her easy, feminine pieces.

Mismatching prints always look good together when they are in the same scale and similar color palette (this much I learned from reading lady magazines!) and this short sleeve blouse and shorts ensemble is the perfect example of this.

I obviously LOVE this look.

More matchy/mis-matchy prints! I love the color palette. And the SKORT is back!
I'm really into the way there is a bit of pattern continuity between the ruffle and the bodice on the shirt.

Her clothes are very feminine but not fussy, I love it when you're not in the mood to get dressed and you throw a little dress on and all of a sudden you look like you put in some effort. This is one of those dresses.

ANOTHER piece that I'm dying to add to my closet. You can't ever go wrong with a striped shirtdress (and you know that I LOVE stripes), especially when the stripes are handpainted and have a super rad raw, organic feel.

Finish it all off with a bit of glamour and old-time charm. This dress is all kinds of wonderful no?

Photography by
Tommy Agriodimas.


Anonymous said...

love. love. love.

dolly said...

Indeed. Her things are lovely and wearable. the raw prints are perfect!

Lee said...

I can't wait to get my hands on that aurore rose dress. i get more compliments on my caycee black pieces than anything else i own.

cake. said...

these are all so goddamn beautiful.