I can't get my mind off you

Patent leather Miu Miu penny loafers please come to my life.
The gold trim on the toe is like amazing on top of awesome.
I need you.

That is all.


nicolette said...

I know I have the studded version already but
now I really want these or the leopard ones. #firstworldproblems

Catherine said...

Gorgeous. The color is just perfect, too. I don't usually wear flats, but I would definitely make an exception for these.

- Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

Bantik said...

Why do the most beautiful shoes in the world has to cost a fortune..

La Porta Màgica said...

I like the color!

Jess said...

that gold detailing is beautiful!

Lily said...

Um, those are perfect.

amber said...

i love these! although i know my boyfriend would call them "grandma" shoes.