London Spring 2011 I

1 Charles Anastase
Frankly I've been over this whole "cutesy girl thing" but for some reason I can't ever resist Charles Anastase's clothes. The sheer polka dotted trousers feel surprisingly grounded when paired with a frilly sheer blue blouse. I think it's obvious I'm developing some kind of love affair with shirt-dresses right now and this one is really perfect. I love the subtle shape of the skirt.

2 Clements Ribeiro
Lovely, lovely prints (as per ush) at Clements Ribeiro. There's something about the color palette and the silhouette that's perfectly poised to be worn on a sunny European vacation.

3 Erdem
Erdem is definitely one of the shows I look forward to every season. His mastery of prints and colors is always on the verge of pretty and crazy and I guess that's why I love his brand of femininity. His floral prints are very beautiful but when you put them together it's something else entirely. I support all-over prints and I totally want to rock the pants.

A floral print that's out of focus like it was moving too fast paired with an eyelet trimmed skirt with floral embroidery. It's so over-the-top! I mean that lace collar on that shirt could be an abomination but it's actually the coolest thing ever.

If you guys have the chance you should look through detail shots on style.com. It's even more beautiful that you can even imagine.

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