NYC Spring 2011: Gary Graham

Gary Graham's collection was inspired by a fictitious artist that moves from the city to the mountains, but I got the inkling that she was secretly a witch. I felt the collection was full of witchy vibes, from the graphic symbol on the floor that the girls moved around on, to the layering of tunics over leggings or bloomers (you know, like the classic way that a witch dresses). The girls stood inside each chalk-drawn circle (pentagram vibez!) and after a few seconds would walk to the circle on the left in unison. Girls kept coming in and out of the circle until there was only one, wearing a gorgeous diaphanous short dress with a flowered lace bodice.

My favorite pieces from the collection were the little ivory short sleeve beaded jacket and the aforementioned finale lace dress.

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Ross said...

When I look at the presentations floor and how the models go around in a circle, all I can think is that it's like a game of four square.