NYC Spring 2011: Marc Jacobs

Shortly after the "one minute" warning, the lights went out, the music began and the models were suddenly stomping around the gold runway while more than a few people scrambled to their seats. I had been staring at the giant gold sculpture in the middle of the Armory wondering how exactly would it convert to showcase the new collection (Marc Jacobs for Transformers, basically). With the frantic violin sounds of Vivaldi, the models stepped out, six at a time, from passageways "hidden" in the sculpture's curvature, wearing brightly colored, louche 70's looks peppered with homages to Jodie Foster's character in Taxi Driver.
The clothes were beautiful, of course, but after the show ended I was left wondering how exactly do they fit in the modern fashion conversation. The changes that Phoebe Philo has wrought at Celine are very real and her influence has been seen everywhere this season and even beyond that other kings of minimalism, like Helmut Lang are also being cited as major influences in the general fashion atmosphere. Can we really do 90's minimalism and 70's excess at the same time? I guess it is still early in the season and we haven't seen what tricks those kids in London, Milan and Paris have up their sleeves, but it's definitely something to keep an eye on.

There were some looks I really loved too, like the "oversized bow" section. The brown dress and pink cape feel have a sort of sexxed-up Marni vibe that I'm really digging. The sheer black is fabulously excessive but I think when worn separately, they could really go a mile (plus it has total "witchyvibez" potential).

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