NYC Spring 2011: Proenza Schouler

For a second season in a row the Proenza Schouler show was livestreamed and for the second season in a row I was glued to my computer screen anxiously waiting it's start. The coolest part about a livestream is when they start early and you get to see all the editors milling about, although it's weird when they do a close-up on whatever thing someone is reading on a kindle in the front row (this happened and it was creepy). I took some cool screenshots for you guys, including Grace Coddington's all important fluff of red hair, as well as a cool shot of the setting for the show. But let's talk about the clothes!

The first look came out and all I could think of was "ladylike!". Not that the clothes had any stuffy vibes, but the boxy suits and washed out color palette showed a more classic sophistication than their usual fun-youthquake looks.

Their conservative streak wouldn't last for long, as I found that the real gem in their collection were their epic 90's lingerie-inspired looks. The sheer dresses with ruffled layers and tromp l'oeil pockets spoke directly to my heart. Although they are sheer, they are layered over long-bras and high-waisted long shift skirts. Like it's exposing a bit of modesty.

Their more casual separates were still totally on point and were the most familiar looks in the collection. The wild colors are an extension from the previous season but the way they are paired together feels very new. Their deft use of different textures are what really pushes the collection to another level. The sequined skirt is paired with a very loose-weave lace.

Striking shift dresses in super bold colors are perfect for hot summer nights. The elbow-length sleeve is shaping up to be one of spring's top contenders and it helps make this all-over paillettes dress a little more casual. The short sleeve shift dress with an incredible super open basket weave is very deceiving, from a far I thought it was just plaid. The contrasting stripes are made of lace appliques.

The last ensembles featuring asymmetric lace tunics worn over matching knee-length skirts were totally on the mark. The raw quality of the lace adds some boho vibes to what could very easily be just another hum-drum feminine look (at least on paper).

(The sandal-boots are another story.
wah wah waaaaah)


Viki said...

the sandal boots are incredible! This collection is so colorful :)


--Sanam-- said...

The show looks incredible! i absolutely love the lace dresses in particular :D and speaking of live streaming catwalks,topshop has one thats on in like 40 minuites from now! cant wait :D and burberry is on tuesday,i cant wait for that either haha :D

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StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog :D COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! :D

Lori MacAlpine-Smith said...

I don't understand,they used little black girls in a film to promote the new line,yet I don't see one black person on the runway?!

dirtbike said...

i love the textile experimentation <3

annnnnd the color palette!