The Oh Henry! Heiress

The Times may have declared the Elaine look to be all the rage right now, but the REAL stylish girls are going past Seinfeld's main lady (so OBVIOUS!) and experimenting with the other objects of Jerry's affection. Seen at the POP magazine party at Don Hill's last Friday, this gal is clearly taken with Sue Ellen Mischke.

Sue Ellen Mischke, formerly "the braless wonder"

(Quick backstory for all you non-Seinfeld aficionados. Sue Ellen is Elaine's best frenemy. She doesn't ever wear a bra so out of spite Elaine gives one for her birthday. She proceeds to wear it as a top. Men get distracted everywhere she goes and then you know something crazy happens and yada yada yada). So yeah, she may have been a little crazzzzyy, BUT she knew what's up!)

The end.

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