POP rocks

I've been kinda obsessed with this short movie for POP magazine by Antoine Asseraf & René Habermacher. The stark location is the perfect backdrop for the striking dresses that fashion editor Isabelle Kontoure has chosen. The way the music combines with Ann Kenny and Alana Zimmer's spoken word situation is definitely my favorite thing.


Cara said...

I love this so much!
The end is the best; "Pop?" "Pop"

(haha my dogs started to bark when I played this)

oliwia said...

Exactly, the "pop". It reminds me these cartoons, where the hero traveled to the future or the outer space, another planet, and there were these creatures, really terrified and sad, and they'd know only one word, so they couldn't warn the character about the danger around.
Thanks for sharing this, I love what you're doing here.

IMONO said...

This will sound weird but this film is actually pretty cool on mute.