NYC Spring 2011: Cushnie et Ochs

Fashion week is here and we're kicking off things with my favorite girls over at Cushnie et Ochs. I don't know if you guys remember this from last season, but I assist the stylist that does their shows, so this one is close to my heart. I know my love for them is not biased though, as each season they keep getting better and better and exploring new ways of luxurious easy dressing. The idea behind the collection was a sort of resurrection, coming from the darkness back into the light. The show started with dark, structured clothes with lots of pleats that eventually gave out (literally) into beautifully draped dresses.

The textures and fabrics they used also helped carry the story across. The little shorts and pleated mini skirt are made of a thick, seatbelt-like material, and it's the perfect match to distressed silk tops and my most favorite fabric, a gingham with burned-out like little holes.
(Obviously DYING for the long sleeve gingham button-down)

This was probably one of my favorite pieces in the collection. A sleeveless shirt dress made from the aforementioned gingham with an asymmetric black leather pleat detail that hangs on the side. It's so simple but it carries such a punch! Amanda from Assad Mounser did the jewelry for the show, necklaces and bracelets that look gloriously disheveled and a bit broken.

Here's a close-up look at the necklace, but ALSO check out the gingham!
Is it not the awesomest thing ever?

The black leather dress that opened the show was killer, but the caramel leather short-suit takes everything to the next level. Everything had such a relaxed, slouchy vibe; definitely the modern way to do minimalism.

Pleated leather caramel shorts are too good to be true. The printed elbow-length oxford and leather board-shorts are ALSO speaking straight to my heart (can you see why I loved this collection so so much?).

The coolest part is the print. A surreal mix of flowers and severed roman statue-like heads.

Shu-Pei rocks a super glam sheer paisley sleeveless shirt with shorts that "peel away" to reveal an over-the-top pearl and gold all-over beading. For that perfect "hey I'm just lounging on the beach and I'm going to fold down my shorts to show my swimsuit" effect.

A leather pleated skirt becomes a ethereal when panels of chiffon are added. The printed skirt with the dropped pleats is probably one of the coolest pieces in the collection, so easy and even kinda flirty?

This is so classically glamorous! Like something Babe Paley would've worn. The beaded shorts are super luxurious.

A silk dress that looks makes me feel like someone just dropped a piece of fabric on her and it magically turned into the perfect draped dress. It's so soft and subtle and effortless.

The gingham makes another appearance in a subtly sexy dress with a side cutout.

A short beaded elbow length shift dress with a swath of chiffon was the last look of the collection, it hints at all sorts of awesome thing; greek goddesses, superheroes and uber-chic classic fashion icons.



blukats said...

I agree, this is a pretty great set of clothing. I'm seeing hints of things from before tweaked to a higher level. Mode with elegance, taking the refined and making it forward looking. I'm enjoying this collection, it's giving me ideas!

KD said...

That last look may very well be my favorite.

Jade said...

cushnie fucking sucked
it looked like a rip off of celine mixed with givenchy....ew

laia. said...


Ivette Rossana said...

the shoes look great!!

I'm happy you could pull it off!

love the caramel leather looks, and the one with the embroidered shorts.

la madre que te pario

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