3 Days in Paris

Longest ride to Newark airport. Empty seat on the plane to Dusseldorf. Fantastic Mr. Fox. with dinner. Land in Paris at 8am. Get to the hotel by 9am. Check-in is at 2pm. Shit. Omelette and fries for breakfast at nearby Cafe Madeline. Buying French Vogue for the special insert. Going to a police station to ask about permits for shooting in the street. Taking the long way back to my hotel (by accident). Finding out you buy cigarettes at places labeled "tabac". Gauloises. Helping Nicole get ready for the French Vogue ball while drinking copious amounts of wine. Taking the long way back to my hotel (again). Glittering Eiffel Tower. "Un vin blanc s'il vous plait". Being propositioned on the street at 2am by some dude. Waking up too hungover. Psychic connection dreams. Finally finding Rue Duphot. Figuring out the short way to get to the Saint James on Rue de Rivoli. Having a glorious mozzarella stuffed tomato for lunch while fabulous people watching. Getting my AF Vandevorst invitation the day after the show. Monoprix. Walking down Rue de Rivoli carrying a steamer while everyone looked at me like a weirdo. Tiny mirrored elevators. Rue Saint-Honore. Emergency Missoni stops. Morning stops at Fauchon for coffee and delicious fruit juice. Colette. Le petit oracle des dames. The Tuileries. Jambon et fromage sandwiches. Getting my Isabel Marant invitation the day after the show (again). Changing models behind white sheets. Photoshoots on the Seine. Capitan obvious. Late night wrap ups with red wine. Running through Charles de Gaulle in search of macaroons. Fin.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying the rambles of your journey, it flows nicely. Rue Saint-Honore is magnifique! Would love to hear more little stories about Parie soon!

Anonymous said...

The adventures of laia and the one and only steamer

samantha said...

You lucky lucky woman.

I want to drink copious amounts of wine in Paris goddamnit!

~living vicariously~

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

AMAZING. LOVE LOVE LOVVVEEEEE. hope to see more pics!

Meg said...

I am going to have to concur with Sam ... I'm teeming with envy.

I would take a late invite to AF Vandervorst over no invite at all *heart breaks*