London Spring 2011: Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane was a total conundrum this season. The first half of the collection was super rad. Little semi 40's suits and dresses in neon lace that channel the 90's through the saturated colors of lady-rocker music videos of the time. The second half of the collection kept the same bright colors but substituted the lace with garish tattoo prints that were way more indebted to Ed Hardy than vintage Jean Paul Gaultier.

I mean... just... no, dude.
Absolutely not.
I keep trying to look at it and try to disassociate it from everything I know, but it still totally grosses me out. And yeah, maybe come next season I'll see someone wearing the cape on the first picture and think "oh hey, she can really pull that off", BUT I don't think it'll be enough to convince me to put fish and dragons anywhere around me.

But you know, I really do love those little neon lace pieces so I'm not really going to hold this against him. Let's just pretend those prints never happened?


The Fashion Buzz said...

Sometimes you just have to trust the designers..... maybe in this case it would be wise not to. Neon dresses are okay though!

Eleanor said...

i actually really like the print... maybe just on a silk scarf or something though... theres just too much going on here!! xxxx love the blog - stop by to mine sometime? xxx http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com