Milan Spring 2011 I

1 Fendi
Loved the super easy retro vibes at Fendi this season. Longer hemlines and looser silhouettes are really what I'm feeling lately. The striped leather wrap skirt is definitely my favorite piece of the collection and I loved that the shoes are not matchy-matchy with the clothes. The styling was very "real-life dressing" which I generally enjoy.

2 Maurizio Pecoraro
I'm a little scared that I like this so much because it's so... hippie-glam? And that's totally gross of course, but I think there's something a little darker lying beneath. Take away the dumb fluffy necklace, style the hair down with a simple middle part, add some chunky black boots and maybz a cool blazer and you got yourself some urban witchy vibez. The top totally reminds me of tops I may or may have not purchased at stores like 5.7.9 and worn to school dances in the mid 90's.

3 Versus

The whole Clueless-plaid-meets-grunge-florals thing that Christopher Kane did at Versus was totally right on the money. Sometimes (always) girls just wanna have fun.

4 Aquilano Rimondi
Ugh, I know! More weirdo hippie dresses!
What is happening to me?
I don't know and I don't care. This dress is like 50 kinds of crazy and reminds me of some Barbie clothes my aunt passed down to me when I was little.

5 Salvatore Ferragamo
There had to be a little Celine sneaking into Milan this season, no?
The shorts are truly kinda perfect.


Jenna M. said...

Love that black sheer blouse.

Style Explosion

A Glamorous Way of Thinking said...

Gorgeous. Maurizio Pecoraro prints reminds me of Klimt sensibility. x