Milan Spring 2011: Jil Sander

For spring, Raf Simons brought Jil Sander back to my most favorite place: bold colors and unfussy shapes. The bulk of the looks featured plain tees worn with quasi-balloon maxi skirts, often with peplums. It's so elegant and still manages to be a little casual.

The lush flower prints were an unexpected surprise, I liked them best when they were blown up and abstracted into painterly strokes and arranged asymmetrically on the clothes.

And then came the stripes! Vertical stripes are never super common, and this little shift dress is perfectly executed. In contrast the long gown with the horizontal stripes is a super lush version of an easy-summer nautical dress.

One of my favorite things about the collection was that he brought back colors from older Jil Sander collections that have stayed my favorite all these years. The pinks, oranges and blue from the Spring 2007 and 2008 collections make a comeback in tailored separates that let's face it, are probably the bread and butter of the Jil Sander retail locations.

Looks from Jil Sander's Spring 2007 & Spring 2008 collection.

A simple strapless balloon maxi dress in a delicate shade of pink that's not quite a rose and definitely not Pepto Bismol pink. There is something defiant about it's simplicity and unabashed perceived femininity.

I just want to wear this everyday. The colors are just beautiful, and look at the way the skirt reflects the light! Every season I am further convinced that Raf Simons can do no wrong.


M said...

I loved the energy of this collection more than the actual garments, the white ensemble with the blown up print is my favorite look.


Anonymous said...

I want that pink dress!

rhyannonjoy said...

*gasp! my eyes just went WIDE. beautiful, beautiful collection. i wanna wear those stripes every day.

Ellinor Forje said...

The blue stripes are so fresh and so clean. I love the entire collection. Thanks for postingthe photos. Come by me too when you have time.


Anonymous said...

I love the colours!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

all of the above.

Špela said...

love the collection! sec pic is amazing!

nice blog!

come by

Anonymous said...

i love the moments that are captured in this collection. The colors and the shapes are really just such a great step for Jil Sander.