Milan Spring 2011: Missoni

I loved everything about Missoni's spring collection. The beautiful fabrics patchworked together into a sort of international nomad vibe; some pieces brought to mind the qunpi textiles of the Incas in South America, others traditional kente cloth from the Akan people in Africa. All these influences woven together with the traditional Missoni patterns really conveyed a joyful spirit of world unity, a sense of optimism for the future. Some of the fabrics had phrases woven into them, rap lyrics apparently, which to be honest I thought was kind of dumb and didn't really fit in with the feeling of the collection, but it's a small misstep in an otherwise KILLER collection.

Ps. That last skirt is my favorite piece of the collection: crop circles you can take with you wherever you go.


Kazuko said...

how come missoni always looks so cool on the runway and so boring and old-fashioned in stores? thinking about that i actually never see the runway looks in store.

Cara said...

The hats and the cardigan in the second last photo are amazing.

the Fashion PA said...

This collection really shocked me. In a good way :) So daring. I agree the words were weird, but so much fun :D


Monique said...

Oh My! Look at all those amazing prints!!! I really do love Missoni!

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xo M

Bella said...

Missoni is always ace.

SOFIA said...

классно ))

City Girl (EC1) said...

Missoni is fantastic, love it every time :) Great blog, will be following and looking forward to reading more xx