Milan Spring 2011: Prada

Prada was awesome. Did you guys catch the livestream (if not I think you can still watch it at Prada.com)? When the lights came on and the music started and the first look came out I almost started crying because the whole thing was so emotional. These girls walking in these post-war suits while a woman belts out the most heartbreaking tango ever, I mean, it was seriously next level. BUT then the music just kept going on a loop between the tango and something else which I thought was kinda stupid? I mean it's PRADA and you're telling me they couldn't just make a soundtrack that lasted the length of the show? I don't know who dropped the ball on that one, but it totally screwed up the beautiful story I was making up in my head to go along with the clothes. THE CLOTHES, right, that's what matters, and let me tell you they were just wonderful. Simple, clean suits in bold colors that progressed to stripes and then mixed up with a jungle print that featured monkeys. The austere clothes, retro hairdos, disco/futurist silver eyeshadow and ridiculous platform shoes wove a tale that was unmistakably Prada. Once they were in "character" the models really became these super women with places to be, things to do and lovers to escape (or maybe come back to).

Mariacarla in the blue suit was probably one of my favorite moments in the show. The jacket is slouchy in odd places but there's something powerful about it's silhouette.

I love stripes and the mismatched rugby stripes done in formal shapes was a real breath of fresh air. I feel like the top is gonna get a lot of editorial play? Well if it doesn't, I'll tell you where it would get a lot of play: MY CLOSET! (heeeyooooooooohh!)

Simplicity at its best. The slight bell sleeves are a great companion for a simple slim-fitting knee-length shift dress. And can we talk about the striped fur moment? I don't think I'll ever want a fur as much as this.

Ok, so the monkey print. Listen, I will not give in to wearing "elevated" hawaiian-print shirts just cause Prada is doing them BUT this little monkey number in blue and white is perfectly charming. The coloration makes me think of toile-de-jouy/porcelain and I think that takes away a bit of the cartoonish vibe (but that's the whole POINT! you'll say, to which I respond "meh, not buyin' it"). The striped everything else is amazing though, matching skirt and bag? Why, YES. Striped maryjanes? DOUBLE YES!
And what else does one wear with a monkey-print blouse but monkey-eye sunglasses?
D U H.

A simple spaghetti strap (omg spaghetti straps!) dress is made better with the addition of a striped headpiece.

Striped headpiece? Yeah, right... it's a STRIPED URBAN SOMBRERO you guys!!!
Even Miuccia is all up on the Seinfeld party!

Win/win all around.


Kazuko said...

agree agree agree. even though none of them is for me. one of the most inspiring collections i've seen for SS2011.

Anonymous said...

I loved the pink one...


This was such a strong collection compared to last Spring's plastic crystals. Monkeys are the new cats. Pass it on.