Paris Spring 2011 I

1 Ann Demeulemeester
Demeulemeester amped up the sex-appeal quotient of her clothes with a collection that was all about asymmetry. Exposed legs and arms became an erogenous zone when surrounded by super soft leathers in curvilinear shapes.
The skirts need to be in my life right away.

2 Givenchy
The FANCIEST sweatsuit you will ever have/need/want.

3 A.F Vandevorst
A pseudo-futuristic disco gown.
oh yeah, I totally just wrote that.

A leather trenchcoat the color of smoke.

4 Balenciaga
Balenciaga was pretty rad, but nothing to write home about. Lately the collections have felt more and more like variations on a theme and the creativity seems a bit stunted. The chunky flat boots were one of the highlights of the collection for sure, along with the graphic pieced dresses that closed the show.

5 Junya Watanabe
Short sleeve, pintuck bib mid-length dress over striped wide leg pants.
So easy and perfectly witchy.


Kazuko said...

great selection! oh, that trench... but i also have to have a closer look at watanabe's collection...

Lush Life said...

you are the only fashion blogger who is consistently impartial towards the collections and calls designers out for being lazy (Come on Ghesquiere, we know you can do so much better then that). I used to think you were just being bitchy, but its so much better to read than some zombie who likes any old thing just because Miuccia designed it...

laia. said...

lush life: haha thank you.

Nava said...

haha you're fun. Cool images thanks for the intro to Ann Demeulemeester's S/11 collection haven't come across it. I need :-/