Paris Spring 2011 II

1 Rick Owens
There's something sightly awkward and frumpy about Rick Owen's maxi dresses this season but that kind of adds to the dark vibe of the clothes. The first look is definitely my favorite, the curved hem of the jacket is just fantastic.

2 Undercover
Just a weirdly casual dress from Undercover. Maybe I love it so much because she is standing next to an old-timey space explorer or maybe it's because it has a built-in cocoon cape and perfect velvet bow at a gathered waist.

3 Yohji Yamamoto
New romantics on a mid-century sexy safari.
No, but seriously, everything about this feels so right. A-line below the knee skirt, chunky boots, button-down and twist! with exposed bra.
Failproof formula.

Inflatable skirt, slogan tee and combat boots.
I can see this being sold at Contempo Casuals circa 1995.
Yes, that is a good thing.

4 Limi Feu
No-nonsense Grecian inspired long black dress.
Of course it's good!

5 Chanel
I feel like this is the closest Chanel has ever gotten to channeling a total Empire Record/90's teenager vibe. Short, swingy long sleeve dress and leather thigh high sock/boots/legwarmer situation. Def just too cool.

And then on the other side of the spectrum (sort of) is this weirdo oversized coat that owes its silhouette to Marni more than tweed-y Chanel classics (especially because this platform sandals are kinda awkward and therefore awesome).


Sara Bara said...

daft punk? kinda?
the porcelain skin at Yamamoto was lovely.

Blackened Blue said...

whoa. I'm dying for that inflatable Yohji skirt outfit.

Gus Burns said...

perf two looks from Yamamoto. Also my faves.