Aspirational Hangin' Out

The New Ease, Vogue Italia October 2010

Everything about this is perfect.
The weirdly awkward background, lone furniture that is both staged and surreal, legs for days that end in little socks, lounging around staring into the nothing and thinking about everything. The hyper-modernized retro palette (yeah that's a thing) gives it kind of a spooky, Virgin Suicides-y vibe.

Ps. Those teal Prada loafer-pumps never looked so incredible.

Images via Fashiongonerogue.com.


The Clothes Press said...

You are so right! I love the awkwardness of it and the feeling of 'boredom' in the shoot throughout. And indeed, the Prada loafers look AMAZING.

readysetfashion said...

the first photo is, quite frankly, the best image of the year.
its awesome.

hazel said...

uuugh i those teal loafer pumps were one of my favorite shoes of the season (also loved the ones that came in dark purple w/black trim)

i dig this a lot.
love the furniture/teased hair

Anonymous said...

This really is a perfect spread. I want to wear everything and I wish my apartment looked like that. I'm dying for that wicker and metal chair.

uye surana said...
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nicolette said...

the balenciagas make me cry every time i see them. PLEASE GOD let me find a way to hold them and love them.

more importantly, though, why do i suddenly want a bean bag chair? ew.

Ellen said...

I love the whole preppy vs bored thing. this spread is amazing.