Cushnie et Ochs á Paris

Seriously dying over the images from Cushnie et Ochs' spring campaign shot by Hugh Lippe. So moody and dark and cool.
Ok, so SPOILER ALERT: Remember how I was in Paris about a month ago for work? I was assisting Nicole at this shoot! So lucky I am sometimes...
This is just a lil' preview for now, I just couldn't resist posting these because they are truly so so beautiful and everytime I look at them I think of what an awesome time I had when I was there.

Edit: I realized I ended this post in a real sappy quote so... woohoo!

Images via Models.com and Fashion Gone Rogue.


readysetfashion said...

laia, this is gorgeous. you should brag about this.

Ivette Rossana said...

is that your leather vest?

la madre que te pario

Miss M said...

dark and mysterious... stunning campaign... love it.

Miss M

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are very interesting. they make you think...


drop by and see my blog. comments make my day!

Lush Life said...

how is she hanging like that!?!? I NEED TO KNOW!

P.S. Harness by Zana Bayne?

laia. said...

lush life: naty is awesome and just straight up hung from the thingie while still looking incredible.

and yup! thats a zana harness lookin r a d .

Fashion's Religion said...

These images are amazing. I love them, but do I spy one of Zana Baynes Leather Harnesses in the second picture?


silvana maiorano said...

u're lucky