Greatest Hits (or Wishful Thinking)

the forever awesome graffiti sweatshirt, fall 01 - the perfect two-tone retro shift, spring 08 - the classic rose print dress, fall 05

Marc by Marc Jacobs is turning 10 (OMG) this year and to celebrate, a capsule collection of the label's greatest hits is being released. As any girl that was in her late teens/early 20's back when the label started, this is something super close to my heart, I mean what label was cooler back then? I wanted to wear all the clothes, and look as cool as the girls (and boys!) featured in the ads (and looking through the collections I realized how much Marc stuff I semi-obsessively acquired!) Here's my version of Marc's greatest hits from the last decade (well, technically 8 years because I kinda stopped caring about the collection after fall 08? OOPS!). I can't wait to see what's coming back! What are your Marc faves?

the leopard mac coat, fall 03 - the plaid coat AND denim balloon skirt, fall 05 - the perfectly feminine mint baby-doll dress, spring 07

the vaguely navajo print skirt, spring 05 - the cooler-than-cool striped jeans, fall 01 - the piped 70's dress, fall 02

the skull print graphic tee, spring 04 - the flower-print trimmed skirt, fall 02 - the sweetheart sweater, fall 03


hazel said...

The purple + blue plaid coat has always been one of my favorite looks of his

coy colleen said...

that purple dress sasha pivovarova is wearing has got to be one of my all time favorite marc looks. 10 years is such an accomplishment!

Ivette Rossana said...

This was a great idea! I think that asking your visitors to participate it's a very good idea!! Usually, peple just post and people see, sometimes they may comment. But getting them actively involved it's a different thing... you should pursue it more frequently.

la madre que te pario

MadelynSasha said...

that rose print dress was the reason i started following marc, back when i was thirteen. i saw lindsay lohan wearing it on teen vogue and fell in looove.

its haunted me for years, and i would STILL love to have that in my closet. unfortunately ebay hunting has come to no fruition...

Nicole said...

Oh! The mint ruffled baby doll dress! I was obsessed with that one until a very honest MBMJ employee told me if was one of the most ill-fitting dresses they'd ever received. Bless her heart since that usually doesn't stop me. I still have a soft spot for the "Off the Deep End" t-shirt, it was as derivative as it was darling.

RAH-RAH said...

I have "the perfect two-tone retro shift, spring 08" and it is still one of my favs. I wore it on Christmas this year. That collection was SO bangin'.
I REALLY wanted this dress when it came out, but ended up missing the boat waiting for a sale. Le Sigh.