Vogue Nippon November 2010

As much as I'm into the witchy vibez for fall, my comfort clothes will always be jeans.
Slim-cut* jeans with manshoes is definitely my thing, but what I do NOT have is a variety of fabulous fur coats to top my Janet Jackson-love will never do without you- jeans.
The third picture with the white shirt tucked into the jeans under the cropped jacket is ESPECIALLY amazing. I mean, right there is who I want to be.

* yeah slim-cut jeans are all I wear now but I've sort of been thinking maybe it's time for flares to make a comeback? I have been staring at a couple pairs in my "put-away pile" for a while now with a bit of nostalgia, but I still haven't figured out how to make them new so they have stayed in storage. yeah, the more you know, i know.

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.


Anonymous said...

Great styling!
the jeans makes everything so cool and casual

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

i always think i wanna wear bell bottoms, but then nope. those balenciaga ones i have still have not seen the light of day.

María Chantal Rodríguez Nilsson said...

i love those fury jackets^^

lovely post!!

Taj said...

as soon as I saw the third pic I was all like HOLYSMOKEZZ!! thats perfection. thats what I wanna wear for the rest of the year. #greatmindsthinkalike
come comment on my blog!!

susie_bubble said...

I'm all for the flares comeback - have decided that they are more enjoyable to wear as they swish around your legs...

galatea. said...

what a beautiful editorial x